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Privacy Policy

At Webo Creators, we prioritize your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to provide a clear understanding of how we handle information in relation to our applications, services, and website.

User Agreement:

By using our Applications, Services, or Website, you agree to the privacy policies outlined in this Policy. This covers the collection, use, and sharing of your information by us.

Third-Party Disclaimer:

This Policy does not extend to third-party applications, websites, products, or services beyond our control or ownership, such as Facebook. Trademarks, trade names, and logos of third parties featured on our Applications or Site belong to their respective owners.

Refund Policy

Advance Payments:

Any advance payment made by a client for a project is non-refundable. This policy is in place to secure resources committed to initiating and commencing agreed-upon services.

Project Cancellation:

If a client cancels a project after making an advance payment, the advance amount will not be refunded due to the resources, time, and efforts dedicated to project initiation.

If you haven't paid 90% of the website amount, your website will be Suspended, or will our website be uploaded

Exceptional Circumstances:

In exceptional cases, Webo Creators may, at its discretion, consider a partial refund on a case-by-case basis.


Clients are encouraged to maintain open communication regarding project details, expectations, and timelines to ensure a smoother collaboration.

Data Handling

Data Collection:

We want to clarify that we do not collect or store any personal data from our clients.

Transaction Data:

While we may handle transaction-related data during the payment process, we do not retain this information after the transaction is completed.

Communication Data:

Any communication shared with us is treated with confidentiality, and we do not retain communication data after the process is completed.

Data Security:

We employ measures to ensure the security of the limited data we handle, focusing on preventing unauthorized access and protecting non-personal data associated with our services.

Data Non-Retention:

Our commitment to privacy includes a strict data non-retention policy. Once your data is no longer required, it is promptly and permanently deleted from our systems.


Personal Information:

Webo Creators is exceptionally concerned about protecting the secrecy of your data. We do not gather individual data, and we employ measures to safeguard your non-individual data. Please note that while we take significant measures to secure your data, we cannot guarantee protection against unauthorized access or usage.

Contacting Us / Reporting Violations:

For questions, comments, or to report violations or abuse, please contact us at /

Your trust matters, and we assure you that your privacy is a top priority at Webo Creators.

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